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State Funding

State funds are raised by sales and income tax. These funds are available to school districts as educational funding. State funds are typically distributed by a competitive grant process. 

Select your state to review options for state funding.

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Book Discounts

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Virtual Assemblies & Conferences

Equip your students with positive coping skills for stress and anxiety

Option 1 – Virtual Assembly

One 45-minute virtual presentation

Includes one live virtual presentation with the lead author of Mental Health 101, Tom Thelen. The session includes a basic overview of mental health coping skills for stress due to COVID-19. Session length can be adjusted between 30 and 60 minutes to fit your needs.

Option 2 – Virtual Summit

Four 45-minute virtual presentations

Includes four live virtual presentations from all four authors of Mental Health 101 for Teens featuring authors Tom Thelen , Dr. Kirleen Neely, Phd, Dr. Kimberley Orsten Hooge PhD, and Dr. Elliott Kagan, PhD. Features in-depth trainings on coping during COVID-19.

Option 3 – Virtual Conference

Ten 45-minute virtual presentations

Includes our 10-Part Virtual Conference with eight student presentations, PLUS TWO BONUS PROGRAMS: Parent & Guardian Program & Teacher Training. This program provides a multi-tiered system of support and is the BEST VALUE for school districts.

All sessions are live, and recordings are captured for asynchronous learning

Conference Topics

  1. Mental Health 101 – What is Mental Health?
  2. How to Cope with Stress & Anxiety
  3. How to Thrive During the COVID-19 Pandemic
  4. How to Develop Emotional Intelligence
  5. How to Develop Resiliency
  6. How to Stop Buyying & Cyberbullying
  7. The Secret to Greater Self-Esteem
  8. How to Build Strong Relationships
  9. How to Raise Resilient Kids and Teens
  10. (Special Session for Parents & Guardians)
  11. How to Educate for Resiliency in Students
  12. (Special Session for Parents & Guardians)

Meet The Speakers

Free Download Pack

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No Bullying Schools

The Turnkey Solution for Bullying Prevention and Social-Emotional Learning.

Data-Driven, Evidence-Based Program
Smartphone App for Reporting Bullying
Easy to Use, Multi-Tiered System of Supports
Video Lessons on Bullying, Respect, Resiliency

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