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Free Guide: 7 Tools For Reducing Anxiety.

For a limited time, download our guide The 7 Tools for Reducing Anxiety for free. No obligation. No fine print. We hope you’ll share this resource with the teens, parents, and educators in your life.

New book teaches teens coping skills for COVID-19

Mental Health 101 gives teens a clear roadmap for the difficult challenges of life, relationships, and social media. Written by four leading researchers, Mental Health 101 shows teens how to develop self-esteem, emotional intelligence, and resiliency.


Share These Resources With Your Local School.

The goal of reset schools is to make sure mental health is a top priority in every school across the country. You can learn more about each of our resources below.

Mental Health 101 Curriculum

Mental Health 101 for Teens is a new book and curriculum for middle school, high school, and college students. Our new Digital Teacher’s Guide includes:

  • Classroom Discussion Guides
  • Collaborative Conversations & Group Activities
  • Student Journal Prompts
  • Family Discussion Guides available in English, Spanish, and Chinese

School Assembly Speakers

Learn more about booking a mental health specialist for a school assembly, conference, or any other event. Available online & in-person.

Download Our Full Resource Guide

If you want to read up on all of these resources, you can download a PDF guide to the science behind our approach & share it with your school or staff. 

The No Bullying Schools App

The Turnkey Solution for Bullying Prevention and Social-Emotional Learning.

  • Data-Driven, Evidence-Based Program
  • Smartphone App for Reporting Bullying
  • Easy to Use, Multi-Tiered System of Supports
  • Video Lessons on Bullying, Respect, Resiliency