About Reset Schools

Reset Schools is a nonprofit focused on helping kids learn achievable, actionable mental health practices. We’re working to make simple mental health exercises as common in schools as reading and math. We’re also working to develop social emotional learning to help students grow.

Creating a culture of mental health

We believe that mental health should be taught in schools, just like math or science. We’ve developed simple “resets” that schools can use throughout the day. Pairing this with our powerful social emotional learning solutions, we’re working to make a difference in the lives of students. Our goal is to create solutions that effect ALL students, not just “the schools that got the funding”.

Partnering with parents and school staff

Our commitment is always to work with parents and school staff. We always want to keep parents in the loop about what is going on with their kids. And we want to give school staff and parents resources that they can immediately and easily implement.

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