Every kid deserves a chance to reset.

Reset Schools is a registered 501c3 public charity and donations are tax-deductible. Our EIN number is 85-0928804. We partner with schools in your community to provide mental health training for kids, teens, parents & guardians, and educators. We teach practical skills that are proven to reduce stress and anxiety and improve mental focus. We believe all kids (and teens) deserve a chance to “reset.” Partner with us and make your tax-free donation today.

The Mission of Reset Schools

Creating a culture of mental health

Our goal is to make mental health the de facto cultural standard in schools. We believe that mental health is a learned skill, and should be prioritized just as much as math and science. We work to simplify things as much as possible—making sure that we give students resources that they can easily memorize and use for a lifetime, and providing administrators with a clear plan for school-wide implementation.

Get Involved


Want to learn more about how Reset Schools works? Download our Reset Schools Roadmap for a comprehensive understanding of our plan to bring a culture of mental health to schools.


Join us for Reset School’s 60-Minute Teacher Training on August 10th, 11th, or 12th, featuring the nation’s leading experts on student mental health and wellness.


Attend a Parent Program on “How to Raise Resilient Kids” on August 13th and throughout the fall, presented by America’s leading experts on child psychology.


Teachers will lead you in 60-Second Resets—activities like 60-Seconds of Silence, 60-Seconds of Stretching, 60-Seconds of Deep Breathing, and more.

Partnering with parents and school staff

We’re working to provide resources to parents and school staff that help them reach kids with an easy-to-implement system. It’s easy to use our resources—our 3-Step Action Plan helps schools to follow the to-do items and implement the exercises. We’ve also provided a Mental Health Roadmap for teachers, parents, and students to use.

A Message From our Founder: Tom Thelen

Mental Health Speaker for Teens

Tom Thelen's Bio

Tom Thelen is one of America’s top Anti-Bullying Speakers and the founder of ResetSchools.org, a nonprofit that teaches mental health skills in schools. As a mental health speaker, Tom has spoken at over 800 schools and has been interviewed on NBC, CBS, FOX, and PBS. He is also the founder of NoBullyingSchools.com, an evidence-based bullying curriculum with a smartphone app and video lessons on bullying, social skills, and resiliency. Tom graduated from Grace Christian University with a bachelor’s of science degree and went on to write three books for students including Mental Health 101, Victimproof, and Teen Leadership Revolution. He and his wife, Casie, have four school-aged children and live in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Learn more at https://tomthelen.com.

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